Old showreel

There are lots of video clips throughout this website so this old reel is only here because people tell me it's a bit of fun. Edited by Viv Mainwaring from a bag of bits, the sequences feature Rick Stein, Chalky the terrier, Derek Fowlds, and a cast of wildlife and landscape.

Recent and Past

This year I have been filming golden eagles in Finland: long stints in a hide to acquire footage of eagles fighting. Last year I filmed for 'Wales - Land of the Wild', for Plimsoll Productions, working on a diverse range of subjects from red deer and harvest mice to ivy bees and little egrets. Over the last 6 years I have filmed numerous series for BBC One and Four with Iolo Williams for Aden Productions. Each series (e.g. Iolo's Brecon Beacons - Iolo's Snowdonia) has been a combination of presenter filming and very varied wildlife cameraman work: long lens and macro using the Sony F55, infra red and low light using Sony A7s and other techniques. Previous to that has been a succession of BBC Natural Worlds broadcast on BBC 2 (Komodo Dragons, Prairie Dogs, Cork Oak), and films for Terra Mater, for example Planet Parrot and SuperPigs for Humble Bee Productions.

Having a solid editing background is a great asset for any cameraman. I have been a full-time editor in the past and still edit now. A good editor can make a programme something special. Editors are often unappreciated!

Camera teams spend a lot of time together in the field so you have to be able to get on with people too. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to work with Mike Salisbury on a Portugal based BBC 'Natural World'. Afterwards Mike very kindly wrote this letter of recommendation for me on the link below/above, and I didn't pay him anything! I am very proud of it.

Mike summed up what I was like then, but I'm never happy to rest on my laurels, so work to keep improving as a wildlife cameraman, moving with the times and looking ahead.